Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Introduction To Mobile World of 2009

This year(2009) will be a year for smartphone and PDA. Through the MWC 09’in Barcelona last month, there were lots of smartphones been released from various mobile brands, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson,etc…

To buy a smartphone, 1st thing to be noticed is its processors.Currently smartphones in the market are equipped by least 200 MHz processor. Mostly known as TI OMAP 850. And the highest will be 624 MHz.Besides of that, there’s also 400 MHZ,500MHz and 3++MHz(where mostly used by Nokia,Some Nokia phones are using dual-processor) but in this year , all company will continue competing until 1GHz is released.

2ndly, you should have a look at their RAM built in.Thia spec is very vital because it will decide smoothness during surfing net on your smartphone.Currently least 64MB of RAM are built-in in the smartphones but the standard is 128MB..Then there are also 192MB, 256MB, 288MB available.Higher the RAM, higher is the cost of the phones.

3rdly is the connection of WIFI.Although WIFI not popular yet in our country, but soon will be a-must in the phones where WIFI hotspots are getting much in our surroundings,especially in Penang because Wireless@Penang soon cover whole state of Pearl~Penang.

4th,will be the connection of HSDPA or is well known as 3.5G.At the moment,there is only 1 service provider with such service~Celcom(Celcom 3GX) while Maxis only provide till 3G service. Digi still using GSM mode for all its users but Digi (Feb) announced that there will be 3G service at the ends of March.3.5G is at higher speed than 3G for sufting net. 3.5G provides 1.8Mbps, 3.6Mbps,5.6Mbps and 7.2 Mbps but its speed only reach 1.8 Mbps provided by Celcom.3G only provides max 384kbps.

Diffences between WIFI and 3.5G:
1.(a) WIFI is free in most hotspots.
(b) 3.5G is charged according to bytes used.
2.(a) Wifi only can used in hotspot area.
(b) 3.5G can be used in bigger coverage area and convenience for those always on the go.

5th, the Operating System(OS) installed in the phones. There are various OS in the market: Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Blackberry, Android, SymbianOS. There are pros and cons of each OS. So it depends on everyone who have their own interests.

6th, its Qwerty keyboard also a choice of the new buyers. As a user of the smartphone, if there is a qwerty keyboard available that’ll be very great because you will very need it during key in words especially online.

7th, most smartphones also equipped by touch screen. This spec is depends on users themselves. Maybe as a new user, you can have a try on it where most people find it interesting but you need claen your phone often to have a new look.

8th and the least, the cost should be in the consideration of news buyers.Although price of smartphones have dropped, but it stil be affected by some factors.1st :Processors,2nd:RAM,3rd:Qwerty keyboard and the last: touch screen. A smartphone equipped by WIFI and 3.5G is ordinary in markets and the price will be below MYR 1000. If it equipped by the 4 more factors above, sure the price will above MYR 2000.

But at the moment, our country are hit by economic tsunami, as a new buyers, you should plan 1st before changing a new phone. If your phones are stil functionable, please keep it on.

Thank you.

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